Don’t just take our word for it!


“I saved $1,000.00 a year by switching my house and car insurance to DON. I thought I had a great policy through my previous insurance provider, but DON Insurance Agency got me a better policy and saved me so much money.” – K.H., Customer


“My home was built in 1904. Classic Victorian. Around six months ago, we started noticing a slow down in the sewage drains. My estimate was $4,638.00. I have my homeowners insurance through, no other than DON Insurance Agency. I called DON Insurance Agency, almost in hysterics to see if this would be covered. They took the ball from there and contacted my insurance company on my behalf. Three days later, I have a check in my hand. If you are looking for a change, or even new insurance, there is absolutely no harm in asking DON Insurance Agency to run some numbers for you. I did and they saved me $4,138.00!” – A.M., Customer